Flexiburn: Multi-purpose Flammability Tester with TestWise Pro™

Vertical flammability tester, for testing ease of ignition and the flame spread properties of a variety of textile materials:

  • Apparel
  • Curtains
  • Drapes - evaluate the flame resistance of curtains and drapes
  • Nightwear - flame retardancy and the anti-flame properties of nightwear
  • Toys - assure the safety of small toys and children's playthings
  • Protective clothing
  • Technical fabrics
  • Building and other materials

Key Features & Benefits to your laboratory:

  • The position of the gas burner changes according to the standard - a robotic arm designed for precise positioning of the burner
  • Virtually every method requires a different test frame - regardless of size and pin configuration, our frames are easily interchangeable
  • Pre-programmed Control Module for our flammability tester - to guide you through the complex world of flammability standards and test methods
  • Robust Control Module which stores test data
  • A printer can be connected directly to the module to print test reports, or the data can be sent to and stored on a remote PC
  • Comprehensive range of easily interchangeable gas burners, interchangeable test frames and test materials
  • When used with the optional radiator assembly, FlexiBurn complies with EN 13772 ‘Burning behaviour - curtains and drapes - measurement of flame spread with large ignition source’

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