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Fundamentals of Light Fastness Testing


When: Thurs February 3, 2022

Time: 8:00AM - 9:00AM BST

Cost: Free to Attend - Registration Required

Where: Virtual - GoToWebinar

Light fastness testing is a specific type of Colour Fastness Testing, where its purpose is to subject your test samples to intense artificial light to assess the impact on the material. The effects of light can be subtle and unpredictable, so accurate and reliable testing is crucial.

Materials that perform poorly in light fastness testing indicate that a product is likely to fade when exposed to light. This may result in product returns or complaints from customers. If brands and  manufacturers undertake light fastness testing during development, they can prevent these issues occurring.

Our Fundamentals of Light Fastness testing webinar will give an overview of this category of testing, looking at:

  • Defining colour and light fastness
  • Why test for light fastness
  • The factors that impact light fastness: Temperature, humidity, precipitation
  • Standards, test methods, equipment
  • Conducting a light fastness test
  • Assessment and common mistakes, using greyscales and blue wools

If you want to understand more about why we do this test, or overcome some common mistakes made in assessing light fastness, then this webinar is for you. All our webinars are free to attend, and we run two sessions so you can select a time that suits you.